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...not a bang, but a bozsecks (forever!)


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We are the lamest community you'll ever see. We have no team morale. We have no goal, or purpose. We are merely here, and advise you to "deal."

While this is a free-chat area, with no specific topic, there are still rules. here are some guidelines:


omg lol trollz

With a community called "fucks," there's plenty of room to be sarcastic, mean, or bitter. It's OK to give someone a hard time if you don't agree with their views, HOWEVER you should know when to cut it out. Do not bring your disagreements with a user through multiple posts, through an extended period of time, or by stepping over the line. You should know when you're arguing and when you're just trying to provoke the other person. If you can't make this distinction, feel free to ask a mod!
SPECIAL BONUS RULE! if you really need to troll someone, troll bup6518. Take it all out on him! It's okay!

TLDR: Unacceptable harassment:
-Noob Harassment
-Holding grudges
-Making inflammatory posts about a fellow indiefuck
-Trolling just to annoy people
-Journals/posts/communities other than our own. Completely not allowed, this is even against livejournal's TOS. Never make a post encouraging indiefucks to troll another location.

Posting Guidelines

rules appreciation post

So, now you've joined, and you'd like to make a post. The difficult question is...what to make your post about? Here at indiefucks, we have very loose specifications for posting. Posts you'll see a lot include "appreciation/deprecation" posts, picture posts, what's your favorite ________, and various religious prophesy posts. All of these are OK, and more! Oh yeah, you can even talk about music!

Double Posts Due to how livejournal works, if you visit indiefucks a lot you're bound to see various subjects come up multiple times a week. This is OK! There are different indiefucks on every minute of the hour, so subjects are bound to be repeated with different contributers. However, if there are two posts of the same subject on the front page (happens a lot during tv shows/big news events) those posts may be consolidated into one post.

TLDR Summary: Post about almost anything!


memes? wtf

Surveys are lame. this is NOT A RATINGS COMMUNITY, being accepted here isn't as simple as filling out a questionnare. who knows how you get accepted here, but it's not by telling us what your favorite tv shows are. Quizzes/memes Are similar to surveys. They're the stupid ones where you answer generic questions and you get a generic response that anyone could have gotten, then you paste the stupid image for everyone to not care about. we don't need 'em. they'll be nuked.


Other Ways to be Naughty

naughty? asl?

-Don't be an Idiot. Sure, it's subjective, but this place ain't a democracy. Don't be stupid or we'll kick you the fawk out!
-Don't misuse "Your" or "You're" I have to be a grammar nazi at least a little bit, so please don't fuck up with this ;)
-LJDrama is stupid. there's nothing lamer than seeing two losers battling over who made a typo and why one is uglier than the other, or whatever the hell gets argued about. any attempts to raise drama, similar to being an asshole for sport, will be deleted. while we all like a little spice in our life, 95% of journal "arguing" is guaranteed to make you die inside a little.
-Saying You Should Leave This Community will probably result in your bannage, because it doesn't look like you want to see this place anymore anyway. this ties in with the previous rule, really.
-Being an Asshole For Sport will result getting your post deleted, and possibly a ban. Despite being called indiefucks, if there's one thing we despise, it's the whole "we're better than you" attitude.
-Parody Posts are never, ever funny and will always, always be deleted.
-SPOILERS - if you're talking about a current movie/tv show/whatever, and it might annoy someone to know that detail about the show, please give a SPOILER WARNING (and maybe even an lj-cut!) when mentioning it. If you do decide to spoil without warning, be aware that Sofie will definitely ban you for this because everything gets aired a lot later where she lives.
-NO TROLL OR CHARACTER accounts they just ain't funny.


NWS is more like NWSWEET

Strangely enough, there are some people who can browse a place called "indiefucks" at work, or in a room with people they'd rather not offend visually. Thus, please LJ-cut the following things:
Large Images - any image over 500x700 please.
Not Work Safe Images
Spoiler talk


damn you facist mods

Although we'd rather not, every once in a while we have to resort to banning you from our beautiful community. We'd rather not! We will try to give you warnings and such, but if you're just not going to learn, you will be placed on a time-out, anywhere from 12 hours to permanently.

-We try to be fair. Everyone deserves a chance to either explain themselves or get a chance to redeem themselves. If you'd like to chat with a mod about your punishment, please check indiefucksmods to see who banned you, and then get in contact with that moderator.
-Coming back under different/fake accounts will increase the amount of your original ban.
-Lighten Up! OK, so you got banned. Not the end of the world, and now that you think of it, you probably deserved it. Go outside! come back in 48 hours! Don't hold a grudge or get snippy, as that will likely bring you further pain and punishment.

Contacting Mods

Please DO NOT contact mods via their journals. Instead, use these hand email addresses:
All the mods


what is this, an essay?

We Can't Catch Everything! Don't whine about how we didn't delete this and this, but did delete this. Sometimes we miss something, or make a bad decision. It happens. Please leave a message in our personal journals, or instant message us.

You're on your own in...
-Advertising posts
-"Hi, I'm new" posts

You're certainly welcome to advertise your wares or newness, just don't come crying to a moderator!

But i'm new...how do i break the ice?
Our recommendation is just to lurk for a while. Make comments, make friends. jumping right in is a good way to throw yourself to the sharks.

Unless you're hot.


IRC Chat - open 24 hours!

AOL Instant Messenger Chat: Room "indiefux"

Other Indiefucks-related communities

Warning: These communities are merely spin-offs and have no true relation to indiefucks

jobfucks [NEW!]
philosophyfucks [NEW!]

**note: if you are maintainer of any of these communities and would like to add a description here, please email shane!

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